Data Extraction Accounting Integration

Digitise your borrower experience. Save time and risk, every day. 


Default risks and the cost of doing business both look set to rise over the next five years. To survive, lenders must avoid risk, spot client issues more quickly and cut their operating costs. 

Our data extraction accounting integration [DEAI], powered by Codat, helps lenders do all three.

DEAI connects your c3 and e3 systems with your clients’ online and offline accounting systems. Your clients’ live financial information is pulled directly and automatically from their accounting system, ready for analysis and processing in c3. This means:

  • No more need for your clients to upload their ledgers manually.
  • Less time spent formatting and reconciling ledger information.
  • Fewer errors and a lower risk of clients uploading fraudulent ledger, because data originates in their accounting system.
  • Lenders empowered to make better, faster funding decisions using up-to-date client data.

DEAI digitises your borrower experience and saves your team time and money, while protecting you from portfolio risk. That means lenders like you can support more clients at lower cost – so you can grow your business while helping your clients grow theirs.

Key Features


  • Connect directly to client accounting system via a one-time installation process. Borrowers no longer have to manually upload their ledger information, saving them time and preventing upload errors.
  • Compatible with the widest range of online and offline accounting systems. Our DEAI technology connects with the accounting systems used by 83% of UK and 97% of Australasian SMEs, including Xero, Sage, Quickbooks, MYOB, Microsoft Dynamics and more. 
  • Expanded reconciliation access to latest client accounting and management information, including DSO, dilutions, open & closing balances, invoice, payment and credit note values and line items, sales turnover and more
  • Download all extracted data for use in other platforms.



Digitise your borrower experience. Save time and risk. Scale your business at lower cost. Contact to try our data extraction accounting integration free today.