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Massive growth of mobile phones worldwide

"In 2012 there were 6.8bn people in the world with 3.2bn mobile phone owners. In 2014 there are 7.1bn people in the world with 7.4bn active mobile phones." The Times

Our plans to bring invoice finance and trade finance products simply and effectively to mobile phones are progressing.  We see Africa as the main market initially, as for many there the mobile phone is the only way to buy and sell other than cash or barter.  Other developing world markets such as rural India and Pakistan, and some countires in South America, need a means of trading using supply chain credits - the approach we're taking in Africa.

CEO Anthony Avison is attending a conference on invoice finance in Accra, Ghana, at the end of this month, and will be speaking about mobile technology's potential impact for the micro-finance of trade transactions.