People often ask "what is your roadmap?".  We've got a lot of things to announce shortly, so (as we said in 'Company News') - watch this space!  The invoice finance industy has come out of the last recession quite differently from the 1990's recessiont.  Then, the high street banks were poorly prepared for the plight of SME's starved of new business and affordable capital.  The independent factors, who formed the majority of Dancerace's clients as we built the business during the 90's, emerged to become the dominant force for 'disruption' and positive change in the industry, and we were glad to be facilitators on the IT side of that revolution.  Something different is happening post-recession this time, and it's about the Web, mobile, simple, connected - these sorts of ideas.

We're on the case with this, and our next set of announcements, which we'll aim to hit social media with as well as this website, will show our commitment to bringing transaction asset finance (sales finance, trade, ABL) in an accessible and safe form that's totally dependable.