About Us

We are a privately-owned software house based in the UK with a global presence. We develop and deliver Cloud-based systems for the invoice and trade finance industry. Our clients are worldwide, and we can support financiers in any country, with systems in any language.

Uniquely simple.

Founded by our Chairman, Anthony Avison, in 1992, Dancerace is continually driven by the desire to achieve incomparable function - but delivered simply and in a way that's useable. Software should be designed for people, not machines.

Simple is much harder to do than complex. Designing a Web-based application that is fully rich (think, interactive) is much harder than an application you load and run, or operate from a terminal application from a mainframe. We combined the massive power of IBM's Power servers (with virtually no upper limit to scale) with Sencha's rich interface extensions to the browser. That's tough to do well, and V5 does it extremely well. Try it out and see how simple it is to use, even when the job is complex - as it nearly always is with transaction asset finance.

A long-term commitment to your business

We redevelop our software extremely regularly to squeeze maximum value for our users.  For instance, our new Version 5 C3 and E3 systems (V5) consumed a total of 21 man-years in construction. Now, if you'd been using our biggest competitor's product (HPD's 30 year-old I-Factor) you'd have had to pay for the slightly newer Aquarius system.

Not so with V5. You get a long-term commitment from us so upgrades come for free.  That's because we believe you deserve the best, and we use our time to ensure that you get the best.

Making life simpler for you

There's a lot of confusing information about the so-called 'Cloud'. A much better term is 'Software as a Service' or SaaS (rhymes with 'mars') as it's usually shortened to. It means the complex and expensive job of running application servers is left to us, and you get on with your job. We share space in two ultra-modern and ultra-secure data centres where we locate our server racks. One is in Newport (Wales), and the other is in Bristol. The two data centres are linked by high-speed fibre optics, and our clients' servers are mirrored.

Simply - this is the safest way to deal with disaster protection, operational continuity, and generally running your services 24x7x365.

Investing in the future

We've always run Dancerace so it generates a full Research and Development (R&D) budget internally. That's why our upgrades, and product refreshes are free - we paid for them ourselves.  That's not poor business - that's wise business.

No good business can stand still; not ours, and certainly not yours.