A better way to onboard new customer business with finance and lending software

f3 Client Onboarding makes it faster and simpler to underwrite new clients, minimising effort for your new customers and giving your teams the data they need to make funding decisions with confidence. 

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Prospect complete an application form in your custom onboarding portal, which they access online or via an introducer.

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Prospects upload key documents and connect their online or offline accounting system. You extract their financial and management data, in minutes.

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f3 provides detailed underwriting data for your team to assess the prospect. You can request additional information from the prospect, where needed.

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Underwriting complete? With one click, you can take on the client for funding in your Dancerace system or export their record to another system via API.

The first step in your digital lending journey

f3 is tightly integrated with the other systems in our end-to-end lending OS. After take-on, your clients can manage their in-life account in our e3 Client Access system, while you manage your lending portfolio and products in our c3 Backoffice Control system.

Types of Lending

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Data in minutes, not weeks

f3 delivers MI and FI underwriting data at speed, compiled in easy-to-use, drill-down tables and graphs.

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Reduce the risk of errors & fraud

With open accounting enabled, f3 takes data directly from your prospects’ online or offline accounting system. This makes it less vulnerable to manipulation or mistakes.

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Configurable & customisable

You’re in control of the data you collect from prospects and how you communicate with them throughout the onboarding process.


f3 will dramatically reduce the time it takes teams to complete the funding application process. By connecting directly to our applicants’ online accounts packages, we’re enabling commercial finance brokers and accountants to spend more time with clients and less time collating and sending essential information to us. This will speed up and simplify the application experience for clients and their advisors

What difference could f3 make to your onboarding process?

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