Digitise your onboarding experience

Today’s borrowers expect fast, digitised onboarding experiences from their lender. f3 is your first step towards offering a fully digital customer experience, while saving time and risk for your team.



Streamlined service, lower cost


Facing increased competition and risk, banks and financiers know they must be better, faster and more customer-focused to survive and grow. At the same time, many are under pressure to cut their operating costs.


f3 helps lenders transform their onboarding activities – cutting time, cost and complexity from a process that’s too often expensive, manual and prone to error. It does this by digitising and bringing lenders’ onboarding processes into one place, offering a combined application portal for borrowers and a data dashboard and CRM for lenders.


That means your team can make better lending decisions, faster.

  • Simplify and speed up the onboarding experience for borrowers. Onboard clients in hours, not weeks.
  • Cut cost, time and from your internal onboarding and due diligence processes, with digitised, paperless working
  • Make better lending decisions with accounting and management information extracted directly from your clients’ online and offline accounting systems
  • Integrate your preferred third-party KYC, AML and credit-checking providers via the Dancerace API


Find out how f3 helps lenders beat the competition, keep customers happy and grow their revenue today: