UK first: FlexABL launch breakthrough onboarding service powered by Dancerace’s f3 system

UK lender FlexABL have launched their online application service to simplify and accelerate the credit application process for borrowers and introducers, and to help make flexible lending decisions that puts clients in control. The lender is the first to use dancerace’s new ‘f3’ digital onboarding engine.

FlexABL launched earlier this year, focused on serving the needs of SMEs with flexible, responsible working capital products and a best-in-class client experience. 

This starts with their credit application. Borrowers and introducers are initially encouraged to contact FlexABL to discuss their borrowing requirements. When they’re ready, they can apply for credit in minutes at, which is powered by the dancerace f3 onboarding system. 

Applications take just five steps. Applicants enter their borrowing requirements, confirm their Companies House details, connect their online or offline accounting system, and upload any additional required documentation. FlexABL uses this information to assess the application and to deliver an indicative offer within 24 hours. 

The process is fast, simple and secure for borrowers and introducers.

There’s no paperwork or time-consuming email correspondence. Completing the online application and connecting an accounting system takes minutes. And the process is sustainable, too, because f3 provides FlexABL with credit data, reducing the number of visits required to borrowers.

FlexABL spends the time saved on working with clients to find their perfect funding solution. FlexABL have the information they need to make credit decisions with confidence, and borrowers and introducers remain in control of the application process at all times. Of course, should introducers wish to follow the traditional application route, then FlexABL can still accommodate this.

Paul Stokes, Director of FlexABL, says: “We’re delighted to be the first lender to launch with f3, making it easier and quicker for businesses to get approved for funding. 

“f3 will dramatically reduce the time it takes teams to complete the funding application process. By connecting directly to our applicants’ online accounts packages, we’re enabling commercial finance brokers and accountants to spend more time with clients and less time collating and sending essential information to us. 

“This will speed up and simplify the application experience for clients and their advisors. Of course, this won’t take away from the personal touch that is the cornerstone of FlexABL’s service. That’s one thing that we believe technology can’t improve!”

For information on FlexABL, please visit For information on dancerace’s f3 digital onboarding system, please contact

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