News: Westpac simplifies & streamlines lending ops with Dancerace

We’re thrilled to announce that Dancerace has partnered with Westpac Banking Corporation to revolutionise the bank's invoice finance system.

Westpac simplifies and streamlines lending ops with Dancerace

Westpac, one of Australia's leading banks, has chosen Dancerace to upgrade its invoice finance system, aligning with the bank's commitment to simplify its operations. Our cutting-edge technology will enable Westpac to provide a seamless invoice finance experience to its customers, making it easier for everyday Australian businesses with unpaid invoices to receive their cash faster. 

Westpac will be replacing its current systems with our c3 Backoffice Control, f3 Client Onboarding and e3 Client Access systems. The upgrade will enable Westpac to simplify and streamline their entire lending process – from application to approval and settlement – while introducing automation to enhance the way the banks customers manage their finance facilities. 

We're proud to be part of Westpac's journey towards a more efficient and customer-centric approach to invoice finance.

The deal is validation of our ambitious vision for lending technology, says Alexis Barresi, Dancerace’s Head of APAC Operations:

Westpac understands the value that Dancerace can offer today and the power of what we’re building for tomorrow. It’s this appetite for innovation that sets the Australian invoice finance sector apart, and we’re happy to be working with a provider like Westpac to help drive change. Our special thanks go to Hooman Zahrai for helping to make our partnership happen.

Alexis Barresi, Dancerace's Head of APAC OperationsAlexis BarresiHead of APAC Operations, Dancerace

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