Function: back office business administration

Setting up clients (funded companies), customers (debtors), and administering the running and maintenance of unlimited numbers of accounts - that's what V5 (C3 Version 5) does.

Here are a few features of the interface you might find interesting and want to try out for yourself:

  • Totally 'flat' navigation through functions using pop-up navigation menus, and with tabs to move between active windows
  • 100% realtime updating, so no delays waiting for things - ever
  • Dynamic interaction (like Google search) with the system reacting to you as you key
  • Can be instantly given a different 'skin' to match your unique corporate ID
  • Works beautifully on a tablet device (like iPad) as well as a desktop or laptop
  • Simplified edition works on your SmartPhone (like iPhone)
  • Fast response, even when the Internet is slow (ask our users in West Africa and they'll confirm!)
  • Really attractive and easy to use, with 'hover help' over fields to explain things
  • Unicode - which is nerd-speak for 'works in any language' (like Mandarin or Arabic etc) mixed with English or French for instance

Complete financial functionality C3 gives you complete control over:

  • Interest rates (unlimited number of standard and special rates)
  • Tiered interest rate structures
  • Selective funding percentage (with differential charging rates)
  • Handling fee rates, minimum, fixed and turnover-linked
  • Special per-customer/debtor rates
  • Realtime concentration and credit limit retentions
  • Complex credit terms handling (really complex possible!)
  • Charging schemes - very complex possibilities, but also completely transparent schemes.  You choose

Document management:

  • Most output can be directed to email
  • Any output, print or email, can be archived for a duration you choose
  • You can store scanned documents, or word processor documents or anything really, with a client, a customer or a transaction.  Just like DropBox, but built in (and free)
  • You can create and edit letters (for mail or email) containing mailmerge fields.  A full text editor is built in
  • Automatic mail/email can be generated by a client-specific Dunning cycle

Any currency. Any language:

  • Full reporting in all currencies as standard
  • Management of information and transactions in any currency and language

Risk Management:

  • Really useable 'risk list' widgets on the user dashboard
  • Fabulously rich interface with the RiskFactor product for world-class risk management of trends and indices

V5 is the modern and complete answer to administration of a transaction asset finance business.

Contact us to try it out at no cost or obligation.