Function: client access over the Internet

Your clients (borrowers) need to go online to view their accounts, and to download information to you, and to call off reports and data for themselves.  E3 is how they do it.

Some E3 features you can try out and imagine your clients enjoying:

  • Really simple interface that 'explains itself' nearly 100% of the time (and we support your clients if they're stuck)
  • Realtime view of the account maintained (by you) on C3V5, so your client sees the up-to-the-minute picture
  • Our uploading 'wizards' make it easy for clients to configure links between their accounting system (like SAP, Sage, Pastel etc) and you.  Just one configuration and any accounting system can be linked (as long as it can output to CSV or XML).  No software for the client to load, no intrusion, no cost
  • Most reports the client might want can be emailed in PDF, HTML, or (if appropriate) CSV (Excel spreadsheet format), so you as the financier don't need to post out reports
  • All reports are 'by date' - a unique C3 feature that allows us to reproduce any report at any given date, present or past
  • Full record for the client of their funding and transacting history - clients may find E3 the best record they have, and want to stay with you

E3 really works well for clients, and they like it - a lot.  All the information your client sends you arrives from it (transaction uploads and messages), and almost all of your reporting you want them to get goes to the borrower through it.