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Adaptable and easy-to-use, e3 makes life simpler for clients and fuels business growth for both parties.


What is e3?

e3 is the portal your clients use to request funds, see their account status and upload documentation for your team to review. Cloud-hosted and designed for simplicity, it dovetails with c3, our back office and bank-facing system. Together the two systems form an end-to-end platform for your ABL lending activities.


What does e3 do?

e3 is where you exchange information with your client. It provides a fully secure environment for clients to automatically upload their ledgers and documentation, request new funds and credit insurance, and send and receive alerts to and from your team.

In e3, clients have everything they need to view and understand their borrowing activity with you using simple-to-understand graphs. This self-serve approach saves your team time, money and effort.

Fully white-labelled, e3 can be branded as you need and is compatible with tablets, mobiles and desktops. And because it’s so easy to use, your team can focus on building relationships with clients, not troubleshooting technical questions.


A better client experience:


  • Accessible via their browser.  No software to load, no intrusion, no cost.
  • Everything in one place.  In e3, clients can upload their ledgers and individual invoices, request funding, check their balances and communicate with you.
  • Full visibility, 24/7.  e3's configurable dashboard lets clients view, interrogate and download live and historical accounting information.
  • Adapatable to your needs.  e3 supports the widest range of ABL facilities. Recruitment clients, for example, can approve invoices uploaded by their contractors; select which invoices they need funded; request credit insurance and monitor their activity via interactive dashboard reporting.
  • Offer BDP as a service.  Provide credit insurance to clients on an ongoing basis with our direct-to-insurer integrations.
  • Save time with data extraction.  Optimise your client experience and minimise risk by linking e3 to your clients' accounting systems, for automatic, round-the-clock ledger uploads



Improve your customers' experience, grow your bottom line. See e3 in action today:

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