ABL & asset finance software built around your business

We've helped lenders like you deliver exceptional customer experiences for three decades, using our software operating system.

We offer the tools you need to grow and manage your lending business – including backoffice management, onboarding and customer controls.

Reliable, simple and flexible, our operating system is used by lenders of all sizes to support a wide range of asset-based lending and asset finance services.


Why choose Dancerace?

  • Experience:  Offer clients on-brand, easy-to-use management tools on smartphone, tablet and desktop.
  • Control:  Configure fees, interest rates and user permissions. Upload and access documents across your system.
  • Flexibility:  Use our API to integrate your system with other third-party tools, including credit insurance, cash allocation and risk software.
  • Efficiency:  We offer a high degree of automation to make your operations more efficient.
  • Stability:  Cloud-hosted for unmatched reliability. 0 days of client business lost since 1992.
  • Accessibility:  Our operating system includes everything you need to launch your lending operation, at a price you can afford.
  • Usability:  Our operating system is designed for simplicity – for you and your clients.
  • Support:  Get the most from your system with expert training and support, both included in your license.

Lenders worldwide have depended on Dancerace for 30 years. See why, today:

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