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Transaction Asset Finance Software

Dancerace provide international clients with a simple solution to transaction asset finance software for front and back office systems, available with full support and systems in any language. Offering free product upgrades Dancerace is fully committed to your business.

Administration of our transaction asset finance software is performed with V5 (that's C3 Version 5), and your client's online services are delivered by E3 (also at Version 5 level now). Our transaction asset finance software is delivered as a hosted, or Cloud, service over the Internet, providing you with an accessible and secure system.


Unique. A back-office financial administration system that is delivered over the Cloud. Totally secure, fantastically interactive and responsive. A world-class solution that's more than 5 years ahead of its time. And ready to deploy in a matter of days, with nothing to install or configure.  As well as invoice finance (in a vast variety of forms), C3 performs Trade Finance and Construction Finance - special account types no other system supports.

Just so simple, and so complete.

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Accessible. The original and best Internet client access system. Rebuilt to work with the amazing V5 back-office system.  Fabulous options to produce reports, and download spreadsheet information.

And it works on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and Android devices too through our mobile app

Still the best, and getting better.

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V5 eShadow

The future of transaction asset finance software. eShadow builds on E3 to engineer a bridge between traditional factoring and traditional bulk invoice discounting. Nothing 'traditional' about eShadow. Leveraging the simplicity of invoice discounting, and the security of full service factoring, it breaks out into a new space entirely. A meld of simplicity and security, eShadow redefines the way invoice finance (aka receivables finance, debtor finance) is conducted in the 21st century.

We invented it.

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