25th May 2016
People often ask "what is your roadmap?".  We've got a lot of things to announce shortly, so (as we said in 'Company News') - watch this space!  The invoice finance industy has come out of the last recession quite differently from the 1990's... read more
29th May 2013
Good question. There is a lot of talk about the 'Cloud' and 'SaaS' and 'hosting' and 'Application Service Provisioning (ASP)'.  These pretty much refer to the same, or similar, things.  Actually we should be talking about 'Cloud... read more
23rd May 2013
Interesting question. Asked a few times recently.  It's an interesting story, we think. We developed versions 1 through 4 of C3 using mainframe terminal technology.  Green screen, you might say.  We weathered some criticism ... read more
20th May 2013
For existing C3V4 users: We invested about 21 man-years in producing C3 Version 5, or V5 for short.  Don't be confused, that's an average of 7 developers working over 3 years (7 x 3 = 21).  The end product is a totally rebuilt system, that... read more